Cold Pimples or Sores

The cold sore appears most often on the edge of the lips or, more rarely, in the nose, ears, chin or cheek. This form of herpes is the most common; it is manifested by the appearance of vesicles surrounded by a red halo. Crusts occur when the bubbles burst. Symptoms may last about a week.

Cold pimple remedies and essential oils to get rid of sore

These oils can be applied directly on the skin, low dose: one drop of topical is enough.

  • Ravintsara


Its antiviral properties make it an effective remedy against viral diseases such as influenza, shingles, mononucleosis, hepatitis, and of course, the herpes.

 Tea Tree Oil

  • Tea tree

With high antiviral qualities, it is also indicated for skin diseases and is used against the cold sore.


Other oils should be explored to eradicate herpes, such as lavender, lemon, highly antiviral. Nevertheless, we believe that some essential oils recognized in this struggle are sufficient and provide a convincing result.


Directions for use: 1 drop topically, 6-8 times a day, for 48 hours or more. Due to the presence of thyme, sensitive skin incorporates a bit of vegetable oil mixture (hazelnut, for example).

Advice if there is pain

  • Apply an ice cube on the sore and keep hydrated.